• Society of Innovative Education and Technology


  • About SIET 關於本會

     Society of Innovative Education and Technology

    Society of Innovative Education and Technology (SIET), legally registered, was established as a non-profit organization to encourage the collaboration among industrial, official, and academic institutions, to benefit society through innovative education, engineering science and technology, to advance the talent incubation and the knowledge discovery.                                       


    創新教育與科技學會為一合法註冊, 且為 一非營利性組織, 學會成立之主要其目的為建立一科技與教育之研究創新平台, 以促進產官學研之間的相互合作, 不論在創新科技和創新教育與人才培育各方面, 冀能產出對社會有助益之各項成果.

  • Membership 入會方式

    SIET houses an unrivaled network of professionals and experts that can offers a variety of resources, help expand your personal network with colleagues who share your expertise and commitment.


    【Application Process】

    1. Download and write application form (入會申請書)     請下載入會申請書並寄到本會信箱或可直接與本會聯絡
    2. Submitting application form.  (Please scan the application form and send it to "mailtosiet@gmail.com". )
    3. Review of membership through directors and supervisors meeting.
    4. Membership notification by e-mail and telephone.  
  • News 動態消息

    2018/11/21: 第一次會員大會及理監事會議於


    SIET 第一屆理事長暨理監事選舉結果




    2019/10/02日: 林次長/理事長蒞臨彰師大演講

    2019/11/04日: 2019德國紐倫堡發明展

    2019/12/13日: SIET2019 第一屆創新教育與科技全國學術研討會暨學會年會

    2020/6/18日: AI 青年人才培育暨認證班

    2020/7/5日: 辦理創新素養教師說明會


  • Contact 聯絡本會

    陳性惠 秘書長
    電 話:0919516148

    本會 : mailtosiet@gmail.com